Photo by Melodee Tonti
Photo by Melodee Tonti
Photo by Melodee Tonti

I was wild flowers blooming
you're the wave that swept me wide
though you left my roots in ruin
I would've followed every tide

on a january evening
standing on my father's land
said you'd float with me forever
put a promise on my hand

through every high
and every lie
I loved you true, loved you for you

oh, I can hear the angels crying
as they plead for heaven's guiding
why'd we have to let it wash away
what a waste of a good wave

I still pray for you each morning
as i mourn our future child
though I scout every horizon
won't see him growing wild

but I'll hold a sea of memories
in my loving arms so tight
be a mother to the misery
drown the lullaby goodbye



Photos & Video by Melodee Tonti