I've been writing and performing music since I was 5 years old when I saved up enough money to buy a Rainbow Brite tape recorder.
My big vision now is to write and record screenplays and soundtracks for Disney animated features.

Lyric, You live up to your name with those wonderful images. Listening I feel like I’ve ventured into an earlier, gentler time.
— Paul Williams, President of ASCAP & Writer of Rainbow Connection


Pure Honey

Pure Honey is a 7-song, whimsical pop album, recorded in Nashville & LA. All songs written by me. Produced by Carl Miner.

A warm, enchanted stroll through Disney-esque whimsical pop with soft female vocals and lush production.

Minutes With You

Minutes With You is a 7-song, indie folk-pop album, recorded in Austin & Nashville. All songs written by me. Produced by Carl Miner & Justin Johnson.