Maybe these crazy dreams choose us... / by Lyric Everly

Most artists will tell you that they feel less like the source and more like the vessel. As if the dreams, wishes, ideas, colors, concepts, melodies, words, and wisdom already exist and just need a way to be revealed. As Michelangelo said, "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free."

Maybe the universe seeks out the ones willing to give up control. The ones who open themselves up to receiving and believing, answering a call only they can hear and dedicating their lives to being a messenger. Not every eye could see the angel in the marble until the sculptor's hands were bruised. Not every ear can hear the ringing.

I think we release the notion of normalcy when we give in to what the world is asking of us. An artist will stay awake come nightfall and daybreak, allowing this intangible force to move through them. It's physically and mentally exhausting, yet in those moments of creating, when something previously unseen is translated, nothing is more energizing and beautiful. The most satisfying and spiritual experience you can have fully clothed. If you understand this, you have been chosen.

Perhaps the dancer becomes when they surrender their form to the rhythm.
Perhaps the writer becomes when they allow the pen to freely flow.
Perhaps the artist becomes when they pursue purely visions.
Perhaps the soulmate becomes when true love's finally known.