Love is a Lavender Field / by Lyric Everly

felicity gleams from the cosmos,
beckoning ‘heartache be healed’

Written by Lyric Everly

far from a city of strangers
far from the weaving of wheels
the breeze and the bees sense no danger
love is a lavender field

carriages carry the restless
pining for kismet's reveal
blindfolded til we are breathless
we meet at the lavender field

amble with me and the angels
nodding toward where we should kneel
blessings on vines twist and dangle
around our sweet lavender field

felicity gleams from the cosmos
beckoning 'heartache be healed'
home is wherever the love grows
and you are a lavender field

Check out this beautiful recording by the incredible Alexis Winters who set my poem to a melody: