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Quote about Streetlighting:

Lyric, you live up to your name with those wonderful images. Listening I feel like I’ve ventured into an earlier, gentler time.
— Paul Williams, President of ASCAP, Artist and Writer of Rainbow Connection, after listening to Streetlighting

Streetlighting Music Video (Unreleased)

Video Directed by ZANE
Song Produced by Carl Miner (The Greencards, Lauren Alaina)
Guest Vocalist Jedd Hughes (Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell)
Strings by Ross Holmes (Mumford & Sons, Bruce Hornsby)
Written by Lyric Everly


This is not your typical pop song. It's jazzy whimsical pop. I wrote Streetlighting when I was living in Nashville, surrounded by co-writers who were focused on penning songs about living out in the boondocks. Even through I grew up on a little farm in Oregon, I've always been charmed by the magic and romance of the city. Once I had the feeling I wanted to capture, the song wrote itself.


When I met with the video director, I told him I wanted to connect and unite people. I wanted to cast diversity and show images of same-sex love to demonstrate equality and acceptance. These are all things I think we need more of in the world, especially now. If I can create art that breathes life into more good things, I will keep pushing love in every direction, the seeds will be planted in everything I create.


-I designed handdrawn typography for the video intro slide
-The song was produced by my ex-husband
-Streetlighting is track #4 on my Pure Honey EP

Song Lyrics

Darling one, put on a long coat and gloves tonight
Arm in arm, into the bustling hub for a bite
Get a picture on film from a sweet vendor girl
Then we'll bask in the flickering glow

I wanna kiss you in streetlighting
Alongside a bistro with chocolate eclairs
I wanna kiss you in streetlighting
Champagne and romance replace every care
A little moonglow, a little magic
Little blue note from a jazz band
Love's always making a scene
Under streetlighting

Mocha-high, watching the lives all around unfold
Tell me twice, we'll still go out on the town when we're old
Oh let's pass on the backseat of some crazy cabby
So that we can casually stroll

Written by Lyric Everly

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“Combine images and feelings, mix two parts romantic ingénue to one part comedic heroine. Serve with an artistic sensibility at once understated and bigger than the sky, channeled through a voice that’s like keeping in your pocket, all to yourself, the sweetest, most reassuring love letter you ever received. And you might have some idea who Lyric Everly is.” -Mark Spearman, writer at

I was born in Portland, Oregon and spent some years in Austin & Nashville before landing in Los Angeles. I love it here.

I started piano lessons and performing when I was 5 years old. I also saved up money from holidays to buy a Rainbow Brite tape recorder and would lock myself in the bathroom recording made up songs on cassette. I was religiously sheltered from pop culture as a kid, but watched Disney movies on repeat. This greatly influenced my sound and now I have a life goal of writing and recording the screenplay and soundtrack for a Disney animated feature.

I've been recording my own songs since I was a teen and have released several albums including my latest EP, Pure Honey, featuring "Streetlighting."


National Anthems: Portland Trailblazers, Seattle Supersonics, Oregon Ducks, National PBR Finals, Portland Fire, Portland Timbers, Int'l Fair & Expo Convention, Toyota Grand Prix, etc.

Opening Act: The Beach Boys, The Doobie Brothers, Neal McCoy, 38 Special, Peter Frampton, ELO, etc.

Venues: The Bluebird Cafe, House of Blues, Genghis Cohen, The Parlor, Amplyfi, Witzend, SXSW, etc.


Lyric Everly


Photo by Melodee Tonti

Music Video Still by Stormgod Studios

Photo by Phil Cruz